Donald Trump’s airport fantasy crashes and burns

While Donald Trump’s talk of a military coup is utterly deranged and criminal in nature, it’s pretty clear that Trump is merely fantasizing out loud. He’s hobbled by his loss, and isn’t within a million miles of having the muscle to pull off something so serious. In fact he’s so powerless at this point, he’s reduced to signing short-lived executive orders about the shapes of federal buildings.

Now comes word of just how desperate Trump’s fantasies about a happy ending are becoming. He’s reportedly trying to figure out how to get an airport named after himself. That’s right, an airport. Not only is that delusionally pathetic, it also has roughly 0.0% chance of actually happening.

First of all, they don’t name airports after people who are facing criminal charges or in prison, which is where Donald Trump is headed. Besides, no such airport would remain in business. Even if it were in a deeply red state, normal mainstream Americans would go out of their way to make sure they never used that airport, and it would suffer so much financial strain, it would have to quickly change the name back.

This is just the latest sign of how broken, hobbled, and powerless Donald Trump has become in his final days, and how desperate he is to convince himself that this will all somehow magically work out for him. Meanwhile back in the real world, he’ll spend the rest of his life awaiting trial and/or in prison.

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