Erik Prince just threw Donald Trump Jr and Stephen Miller under the bus

First rule of criminal conspiracy and bad things happening- when everyone denies having been somewhere at a given time and claims that is not correct, then they’re shown to have been part of that meeting, something nefarious is likely afoot.

The latest example is Erik “Dark” Prince, mercenary soldier and brother of Education Secretary Betty DeVos. Prince, who has denied any involvement in the Trump 2016 campaign and previously testified that he had “no formal role” in such campaign, apparently did set up a meeting at Trump Tower with Donald Trump Jr, Stephen Miller and a UAE lobbyist after all. In a stunning interview with Al Jazeera’s Mehdi Hasan, Prince looked like a deer caught in the headlights when Hasan pressed him on why he did not disclose the 2016 meeting to the House Intelligence Committee. What did Prince claim? That “perhaps they got the transcript wrong.”

This is the same Prince who coincidentally ran into the Russians in the Seychelles for another meeting. Prince stunningly claimed he told Congress about his Trump Tower meeting, even though it is not in the transcript of his testimony. This is the latest of now hundreds of “coincidences” with people meeting with Russians and others to discuss issues and matters during the campaign, and then lying brazenly to Congress and to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The House committees must immediately bring Prince back before them to probe his lies to Congress, and Junior once again should be hauled before Congress before he is indicted.

In the meantime, Erik Prince should have no contracts to provide private military forces to the United States or on our behalf. Based on the public docket, we know that there are dozens of sealed indictments in the District of Columbia tied to the Mueller investigation; we just don’t know whose names are on them. Given this confirmation of more coincidental meetings and conduct, one must wonder if at least one of those has a prince on it – Erik Prince.