Down goes Erik Prince

As Palmer Report has documented, Erik Prince has long been a subject of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump-Russia treason for multiple reasons. During a recent interview with Al Jazeera’s Mehdi Hasan, Prince completely contradicted everything he previously told the House Intelligence Committee during his testimony in November of 2017. While this clearly proves perjury, the things Prince has done are even more incriminating.

While the entire interview was an adamant confession of wrongdoing, some of Erik Prince’s statements stand out more than others. When Price was asked by Hasan about his connection to Trump’s campaign and administration, he did everything he could to avoid directly answering the questions.

When Prince was asked by Hasan why he refused to admit that he was involved in the August 26th meeting at Trump Tower, “you were at a meeting during the campaign at Trump Tower with Don Junior, Trump’s son, with Stephen Miller, then a campaign advisor to Trump, with George Nader who works as a backchannel to the Saudis, who also happens to be a convicted pedophile, and also Joel Zamel, an Israel expert on social media manipulation, how come you didn’t mention that meeting to Congress given it’s so relevant to their investigation?”

“Maybe they got the [Congressional] transcript wrong,” Erik Prince answered, clearly lying. Everyone should watch the video in which Prince clearly admits to lying to Congress and continually provides a smirk as if acknowledging his preference for money over human life. Prince was later asked by Hasan if he was “worried about Mueller?” Prince answered, “Nope, not at all,.” Well, he should be, and he soon will be.