“Fake Melania Trump” body double scandal spirals out of control

If you’ve spent any time on Twitter or Facebook today, you’re already well aware of the latest “Fake Melania” controversy. Donald Trump and Melania Trump have made a rare joint appearance together, and once again, Melania doesn’t quite look like herself in the photos.

Various eagle eyed people on social media have pointed out that the “Melania Trump” in these new photos appears to be a few inches taller, and has a rounder face, and has a different hairline. So many people think there’s a body double involved, the hashtag #FakeMelania is now trending atop Twitter.

I don’t believe there’s a Fake Melania body double. People can look very different from one day to the next, based on how they do their makeup that day, or how they style their hair, or even how their shoes affect their height. If the White House really were using a body double, I think it would be lot more obvious than this, and we’d have seen blatant proof by now, as opposed to mere subtle supposed differences. Keep in mind, these Trump people are terrible at trying to pull these things off.

Moreover, there would be no real reason for Donald Trump and his people to even bother using a Melania body double, considering that everyone knows she hates him and that she rarely appears with him anyway. Using a body double on occasion, just to create the appearance that she’s appearing with him slightly more often than she does, would be absurdly pointless.

So yeah, I don’t believe there’s a Fake Melania. But when the week began, I wouldn’t have believed there was a founder of a massage parlor sex trafficking ring selling Chinese executives access to Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, yet that’s turned out to be true. The real trouble here is there are no depths of crime, corruption, and stupidly brazen schemes that this Trump regime won’t sink to. So of course people think Melania is using a body double. Why wouldn’t these Trump creeps do something that stupid?