Eric Trump knows just how screwed he is

So you’re Eric Trump. You and your wife just got caught having communicated with January 6th organizers via burner phones, according to Rolling Stone. You’re going to respond somehow, right? After all, the Trump playbook says that you should respond to any given scandal by either calling it “fake news” or creating some other superficial scandal to try to distract everyone from it – or if you’re really scared, have your lawyers issue a statement fully denying that any of it happened.

But none of that has happened. Rolling Stone says that when it contacted Eric Trump’s camp for a response to the story, it received none. Really? Did Eric Trump not know that this was coming? Was he caught that far off guard? This bombshell has him so spooked, he was apparently afraid to even issue a denial – of either the bombastic or legalese variety.

In the full day since the story broke, Eric Trump still has nothing to say for himself when it comes to this scandal. Thus far today he’s merely posted a tweet weakly swiping at Nancy Pelosi, and a tweet promoting Trump wine. So he’s not really doing anything to try to change the subject either. He’s behaving like a deer in the headlights.


This is what happens when you get caught red handed in such a way that you don’t foresee any sort of way out. Eric Trump must be panicked out of his mind about this burner phone revelation. After all, the point of using burner phones is to not get caught. Once it’s discovered that a burner phone is involved, the entire secrecy plot unravels. Eric Trump knows how screwed he is. And he knows this is only going to get worse for him as more details inevitably surface about this burner phone story in the coming days. When these kinds of bombshells happen, another shoe always ends up dropping before much longer.

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