Donald Trump’s latest cash grab reveals just how hosed the GOP is

There is something starkly beautiful about Film Noir. Film Noir (French for dark film) is often elegant, always moody, and (usually) has a distinct visual style. Some Film Noir are considered classics, such as Double Indemnity and The Maltese Falcon. (My personal favorite is David Mamet’s masterpiece, “House of Games,” which I strongly recommend you watch if you are a fan of this genre and have never seen it.)

Many of these films involve the art of the con. In this genre, crime and con artists lurk everywhere, although sometimes it is difficult to know who is who. But we have our share of con artists in reality as well. And in reality, they live to get one over on their mark — and once they have so done, they may do it again — over and over and over.

We are watching this play out right now. The one doing the conning is Donald Trump. The marks? The Republican Party — or I should say the insurrection party.

They do not appear to know their status as dupes. But Trump knows and uses it to his best advantage. He has succeeded in many of his cons against the GOP. He has succeeded because the Republicans are too lustful for power even to notice what is going on.

Hey — the marks do not have to be good people. It is being reported that the Republican National Committee is paying some of the insurrectionist’s legal bills. This would be shocking if we could be shocked by anything the party of losers even does anymore.

Trump hates parting with what little money he has. What cannot be denied is the stupidity of the marks. What do these marks think they will get out of it? Power? Respect? Do they honestly not see the contempt the hustler most likely feels for all of them? The marks don’t even know they are marks — it is yet another con, the ultimate con.


And the marks are doomed in their delusions — – as they remain lost in a game they do not know they’re playing. And as the hustle continues on its endless loop, it seems all but inevitable the finale, when it comes, is not going to be a happy one for the Republican dupes.

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