Lindsey Graham goes even further off the Trump deep end

Echo is a beautiful word. It was also the name of a beautiful wood nymph. In mythology, Echo had a curse put on her. She had angered one of the goddesses. This was indeed a terrible curse. Echo could no longer speak unless it was to finish a sentence someone ELSE had started.

Eventually, Echo fell in love with a young man by the name of Narcissus. Sadly, she could not tell him of her love — she could only long for him. Narcissus soon realized how she felt and let her know of his contempt – for Narcissus could not love. He eventually died — staring at his own reflection in a small, tranquil pond. Many elements of this story are playing out right before us. Allow me to elaborate. Perhaps no better example of a real-life Echo exists more than Lindsey Graham. Graham once commanded respect. He was known to work across the political spectrum.

Sadly now, Graham has become little more than an echo to a narcissist. Lindsey does not seem to have anything to say other than continually vocalizing his despondency that Trump is no longer President.

Graham recently posted this on his Twitter account: “If there was ever any doubt about the viability of a Trump candidacy, this polling data should remove ALL doubt.
“President Trump has command of the party in a primary, and in head-to-head matchups, he is leading Joe Biden.”

This, my friends, is rubbish. But it tells us so much about Graham. Sometimes it is impossible to believe that as numerous challenges present themselves for America, babbling on about Trump is seemingly the number one priority for him.


I am of the opinion that though many Republicans fake their devotion to Trump, Graham is most likely for real — which makes all this even sadder. I think many had hoped after Trump lost in 2020, Graham would find himself and let go of his rabid need for the insurrectionist. Sadly, it does not appear that will ever happen.

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