Donald Trump serves up embarrassing response to bombs sent to President Obama and Hillary Clinton

Hours ago, an unidentified person or group sent pipe bombs to President Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, George Soros, Eric Holder, and other prominent Democratic political figures. Even as the details are still coming in, it’s clear that this was a terrorist attack aimed at destabilizing the American democracy. Condemnation for the attack has poured in from both sides of the political aisle, and today is one of those times where leadership from the President of the United States is crucial. Unfortunately, we were just reminded that the United States has no President.

Just days ago, Donald Truml used a political rally to praise GOP Congressman and convicted criminal Greg Gianforte for having violently attacked a reporter. Today, Trump was among the last major U.S. politicians to step up and condemn these bombings, and even then, he merely retweeted Mike Pence and stated that he agreed with it. Trump did give a speech on television just now, generically condemning the attack, but refusing to address his own role in promoting violent rhetoric.

Meanwhile, as of right now at least, Donald Trump is refusing to cancel the partisan political rally he had planned for tonight. We just saw the attempted assassinations of two former U.S. Presidents, a former Secretary of State, a former Attorney General, and multiple current members of Congress, but Trump is not going to let that national emergency get in the way of his opportunity to deliver yet another deranged rally speech.