Here’s how to fight back against the bombs sent to President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other Democrats

We’re in the middle of a still-unfolding and profoundly disturbing situation which can only be described as a terrorist attack against the United States. Based on the reporting thus far, bombs have been mailed to President Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, John Brennan, Eric Holder, and other prominent Democratic figures. Even as we wait for more details, one thing is abundantly clear: how we fight back against this.

When people resort to violence against political officials, it’s clear that they’re trying to subvert democracy. Someone out there doesn’t want Democratic politicians to hold office, or doesn’t want Democratic politicians to remain alive, or wants Democrats to be afraid to go vote. So if you’re a Democrat, the solution is simple: go vote. Seriously, vote. The best way you can fight back against an attack on democracy is to exercise the rights you’re given in a democracy.

To be clear, there’s no overlooking Donald Trump’s consistently violent rhetoric, which has only grown more aggressive in recent weeks. Trump has specifically demonized Obama, Hillary, Brennan, and Soros of late – and now someone out there is trying to blow them all up. This is a reminder that you can’t have a “President” of the United States who behaves like this. The best thing Trump could do for America right now is to immediately resign.


To be equally clear, this would have been even bit as much of a disgusting attack on American democracy if the bombs had been mailed to Republican politicians. These kinds of violent attacks are simply not how democracy works. It’s not who we are. This was a terrorist attack today, specifically aimed at preventing us from being a functioning democracy. Law enforcement will identify and arrest these bombers soon enough. In the mean time, if you want to get your revenge on these bastards, go vote.

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