Even Drudge Report now agrees that Donald Trump is facing prison

One of the few certainties of 2020 is that if Donald Trump does lose the election, he’s headed to prison. New York already has a well-documented grand jury in the process of indicting Trump for financial crimes on state charges, meaning Trump is going to prison whether he gets hit with a federal case or not.

But even some of Trump’s biggest detractors seem allergic to the notion that Trump is going to prison; no matter how much evidence Palmer Report might lay out that points to Trump being locked up, many within the Resistance will automatically yell “It’ll never happen” in response. The mainstream media is thus hesitant to point out the fact that Trump is going to prison if he loses the election, because it doesn’t want to face the kind of pushback that Palmer Report faces whenever we point it out.

But there are signs that the public is finally on the verge of accepting the reality that Trump is going to prison if he loses the election. New York Magazine published a headline today about Trump being put on criminal trial after he loses, and the right-wing Drudge Report made a point of highlighting it.

Drudge has been incrementally distancing itself from Trump for awhile. But the reality is that even some right wingers are ready to point out that Trump is going to prison if he loses, which makes it even more odd that so many on the left are so pessimistically insisting on shouting down any possibility that Trump might go to prison.

Again, there’s a grand jury in New York that’s already in the process of criminally indicting Donald Trump, on the kind of state-level financial charges that 1) can’t be pardoned by any president, and 2) nearly always result in jury convictions. If Trump loses the election, he is going to prison. This is about as controversial as saying the sky is blue. It’s time for everyone to embrace this fact, and use it as added motivation for voting against him.

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