What now, Donald Trump?

A question I frequently ask when writing about Donald Trump is: “Where to start?” The other is “What now?” He is so evil and unpresidential that the news is literally burning up the media. Now that we know he intentionally played down the coronavirus to keep us from “panicking” (as opposed helping us prepare), Politico has shared something that should come as no surprise: Trump officials are interfering with CDC reports on Covid-19. What a shock. Considering that Trump has admitted to “playing down the virus,” it makes sense that his cohorts want to keep the sham going by “editing” CDC reports. Trump’s aides want messages “watered down” to match Trump’s “optimistic” messages. Optimism is not borne of lies. Optimism comes from health professionals seeing declines in outbreaks, infections, and deaths. That will bring optimism, not the continued lies and coverups from this joke of an administration.

Trump’s HHS spokesperson Michael Caputo has absolutely no background in medicine or science. He is merely another Trump lackey who wants to create “the world according to Trump.” Caputo installed Paul Alexander, whom Caputo calls “an Oxford-educated epidemiologist,” at the CDC. He is nothing of the sort. According to the Hamilton Spectator, Alexander was a part-time professor of health research methods. Alexander wrote that the CDC reports are “very misleading” and says, “shame on them.” No, shame on this sham of an administration that continues to push hacks down our throat who claim to know more than the leading infectious disease expert in the U.S., Anthony Fauci.

CNBC recently reported Fauci’s concerns for increased cases in 11 states: Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, which are based on what Dr. Fauci terms “disturbing data.” Instead of reading and heeding this data, Trump and his clown car of advisors seek to make the data match Trump’s words. That is not going to happen, and it is time for the lying to the American people to end. Politico gives us good news on that front as well.

Joe Biden continues to lead Trump nationwide and in key swing states. In further bad news for Trump, Politico also reported that the Mormons have rejected Trump, calling him “blasphemous.” This is a group Trump needs to win. According to Politico, they rejected the “thrice-married, immigrant-bashing” Trump as an affront to their beliefs in 2016. Wonder what they are thinking about this liar now?

Take this information and continue to work fervently toward the goal of ridding this country of Donald Trump. We must come out — in large numbers — to ensure the electoral college does not stab us in the back again. We must show everyone, once and for all, what democracy looks like—it reflects the will of the people not the will of a chosen few.

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