Donald Trump’s worst nightmare is coming true

Let’s say you’re Donald Trump. Your biggest fear these days is that you’re going to lose the election, and lose it by a big enough margin that your feeble cheating efforts aren’t enough to matter, and then you’re going to be indicted and arrested, and you’re going to spend the rest of your life alone and penniless in solitary confinement, and your failing health lasts just long enough to see your name removed from every last building and your kids indicted.

If you’re Trump and you’re even remotely aware of what’s going on around you, then you’re lying awake every night these days, sweating over just how close the above scenario is coming to happening. There’s no question Trump is currently losing. In fact he’s losing badly enough that even his own supporters, big and small, are increasingly unwilling to donate to his campaign because they don’t expect him to win anyway. His campaign is broke enough that it can’t even properly advertise.

News cycles are increasingly devoted to how badly Trump is losing, which only serves to further convince people who lean his direction that it’s not worth bothering to vote for him. It’s not the idiot supporters at his rallies that he has to worry about; it’s the people in the middle who unenthusiastically voted for him last time and are feeling even less enthusiastic this time. Worst of all for Trump, he doesn’t even seem to understand which voters he’s supposed to be focusing on; he still absurdly thinks it’s about firing up his too-small core base.

So yeah, Donald Trump is on track to see his worst nightmare come true. He only has fifty days to completely turn everything around, and it’s clear that he currently has no idea how to do that. It’s not that he’s done, or done trying. It’s that things are going about as poorly for him right now as they can possibly go. Our job is to put in the work, with things like phone banking and polling place volunteering, in order to help make sure Trump stays on track to lose.

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