Rachel Maddow just nailed it

When Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on the Rachel Maddow show tonight, he confirmed that the Trump regime had “blocked” him from going on the show for months, because the Trump regime didn’t like Maddow’s show.

In response to this, Rachel Maddow urged the Biden administration to give Dr. Fauci clearance to go on any cable news show he wants – including Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, whom she mentioned by name. This gave me pause for a minute. After all, why should dishonest hosts like Hannity and Carlson be given the opportunity to hit Fauci with loaded or dishonest questions?

But after thinking it through for a minute, Maddow is absolutely correct. If Dr. Fauci can spread some truth to the disinformed, anti-science, anti-vaxxer viewers on Fox News, he might get through to some of them and save lives. And if he can help convince some right wing audience members to get vaccinated, it’ll help keep us all safer.

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