National Archives reveals Donald Trump is the dumbest criminal in history

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Humans do not have immortality. Perhaps someday we will, but at the current time, it is not possible for us to live forever. So we go on with enjoying life — as much as we can — and making memories. Some of these memories aren’t great, some are just awesome, and some are pure joy. The joyous ones are the ones we remember with the most passion.

And sometimes we tuck away physical remnants of these memories — scrapbooks, photo albums — paper. And unlike humans, some paper IS immortal. Said paper can be found often in dusty attics. They can be found tucked away in unique places. They can be found — in the National Archives.

And even if the memories are torn up — ripped apart — these gifts of paper can be put seamlessly back together to retell the story, hone it and shape it and let the paper speak. And that is just what is happening now as it is revealed that a crazed assolini — or someone close to him — in a wild display of pure lunacy, went bonkers and ripped some of the Trump records to pieces. But paper is immortal. Paper speaks. It tells us a story. The national archives had this to say:

“White House Records management officials during the Trump Administration recovered and taped together some of the torn-up records.”

“These were turned over to the National Archives at the end of the Trump administration, along with a number of torn-up records that had not been reconstructed by the White House.”

What an abysmal criminal the Lord of the Lies is. He couldn’t even get THAT part right. Silly rabbit. Does he not know that paper — even torn-up paper – tells a story? It tells of memories made, and some of those memories are not pleasant. Some memories might tell of the actions of evil traitors frantically pulling and ripping at pages and pages of their sins in the futile hope such sins will never be made public.

Only they have been. The horse is out of the barn. The paper has left the building. The paper told a story and preserved memories of an evil and faithless time in America. It also told of the faithless ones’ wicked attempt to cover it up, and now the whole world will know about it.

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