Don’t fall for it

On Monday, the House with broad support approved the $2,000 stimulus checks that Donald Trump argued should be issued to eligible Americans. The proposal then went over to the Senate. As we know, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is the master of killing bills. This Senate will go down as one of the least productive in many decades, with just 30 or so bills passing and being signed into law.

In an effort to pull the wool over Georgia voters’ eyes, Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, as well as some others, have been permitted to go out and strongly, vociferously support the stimulus increase. McConnell has done what he always does, he has blocked the Democrats’ request to vote on the increased stimulus amount. While Senate Democrats have warned that they will filibuster consideration of the NDAA defense bill veto override, it appears that McConnell will do whatever he can to deny the American people, other than the fattest cats, relief from the pandemic.

Georgia voters should not buy into this nonsensical situation, with Loeffler and Perdue, neither of whom has had a day of want, promoting how strongly they are in favor of providing needed relief. Voters must turn out these two and in turn make McConnell just another member of the Senate, with no power to prevent progress.

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