The real reason Deutsche Bank is selling out Donald Trump

Last week, various news outlets reported that Deutsche Bank’s private bankers who lent to Donald Trump and Jared Kushner resigned. One of the loan officers was “responsible for arranging hundreds of millions of dollars worth of loans” over the years.

This struck me as odd. Why? Well, The Independent article linked above states explicitly that the reasons for the resignations are not clear, but that it should be noted the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is investigating Deutsche Bank in connection with an ongoing investigation concerning Donald Trump. It should also be noted that Trump was a notorious deadbeat and would never pay back his loans, which has made his relationship with Deutsche Bank all the more suspicious. My immediate thought was that these people resigned as part of a cooperation deal with the Manhattan DA, but I’m basing that purely on my gut feeling rather than any evidence that truly points me in that direction.

What also struck me as odd is that, just a few months ago, Deutsche Bank began to try to distance itself from the Trump family due to “negative publicity.” The timing of this concern is suspicious to me because, in large part, Deutsche Bank has a well-known reputation for not giving a damn about the reputations of the people it lends to. It hasn’t cared about Trump’s horrendous reputation for years, and yet now it claims it does. To me, this looks more like a move in furtherance of a necessary distancing from Trump rather than a voluntary one. If Deutsche Bank is being essentially forced by prosecutors to divulge Trump’s financial improprieties, it makes sense that they would try to distance themselves before the charges drop.


We need to remember that a Trump self-pardon or even a President Pence pardon for Trump would not shield Trump from debt collectors. Trump, amazingly, secured his enormous Deutsche Bank loans personally, which means that the bank can seize his assets to make up for his unpaid debt. This includes many of his properties and big-ticket assets. Just imagine if Trump gets hit with charges of loan fraud and loses at least some of his properties. Maybe there is karma after all.

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