Donald Trump just lost again

Ever since Joe Biden was declared the winner of Georgia in the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump has continually insisted that he only lost the state due to fraudulent mail-in votes. He predicted that if signature matching tests were performed, it would prove that the mail-in votes for Biden were all somehow fake.

Accordingly, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has announced the results of its signature match audit in Democrat-heavy Cobb County. Out of 15,000 votes that were probed, just two of them had mismatched signatures. That’s right, two votes. These two votes weren’t even intentional fraud; it was simply a matter of a wife signing her ballot and her husband’s ballot, and both votes getting flagged as a result.


In other words, Joe Biden just won Georgia yet again. For that matter, Donald Trump’s little tantrum could end up causing the Republicans problems in next week’s Georgia Senate runoff races. If the Republicans lose, but try to claim that they only lost due to mail-in voter fraud, this Georgia Bureau of Investigation probe just proved that this type of fraud simply doesn’t exist.

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