Donald Trump’s Michigan legislature head fake

Here’s another reason why you should have known Donald Trump’s meeting with Michigan’s Republican legislators wasn’t going anywhere: he did it in plain sight. If you’ve watched Trump closely over the years, his pattern is very consistent: when he makes a lot of noise about something, he’s never actually trying to make it happen. When he’s trying to make something happen, he always tries to do it very quietly.

In other words, if Trump really did have any expectation that he could have convinced Michigan legislators to overthrow the election, he would have met with them in secret, in the hope of getting the jump before anyone caught on. The fact that Trump loudly telegraphed this meeting was all the proof we needed that he was merely trying to create the appearance that he’s still “contesting” the election. In other words, this was all about keeping up the ruse so he can keep fundraising on it.

Again, this was never a real thing. State legislatures don’t legally get to allocate their state’s electoral votes. If they tried it, they’d be committing a prosecutable state crime. And then the courts would overturn the results anyway. They’d be sending themselves to prison for no gain. It was never something they were even going to try. Trump knew that, which is why he merely promoted it as a stunt, instead of seriously pursuing it in secret.

Donald Trump is now reportedly preparing to meet with Pennsylvania’s Republican legislators as well. Once again, this will be nothing more than an attempt at misdirection. If you’re still falling for the notion that any of this is going anywhere, it’s only because you’re not paying attention to the obvious.

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