GSA Administrator Emily Murphy circles the drain

Yeah, this isn’t going to fly. GSA Administrator Emily Murphy is still refusing to sign the papers to start the transition to Biden, and now Lawrence O’Donnell is reporting that Murphy is letting it be known through her friends that she’s only ‘following orders.’ Wait, a minute, whose orders? Donald Trump certainly doesn’t get to give such an order.

Meanwhile, two House committees are now demanding that Emily Murphy show up on Monday and explain herself. Failing that, she’ll surely be subpoenaed, and she’ll end up being dragged through an expensive-lawyer-heavy court battle for quite some time. With Georgia having certified its results today confirming that Biden won, and Michigan and Pennsylvania set to certify their results on Monday, Murphy’s gambit is circling the drain.

– I wouldn’t wish this awful virus on anyone, but there’s something fitting about Donald Trump’s son and Rudy Giuliani’s son now both having coronavirus. If these two clowns weren’t holding up the transition, the resources to help coronavirus patients might become more widely available sooner. Trump and Rudy now are now literally playing with their kids’ lives. It’s further confirmation that they’re both deranged monsters.

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