Suck it up, Donald!

There is no chance that Donald Trump’s refusal to honor the results of the 2020 election is going to somehow result in him magically staying in the White House past Inauguration Day, as Joe Biden’s legal advisor Bob Bauer pointed out during a Friday morning press conference at great length. Already, Trump is being rebuked by Michigan legislators who have no interest in taking part in his coup – and could face state charges if they were to go along with it.

There is, however, a significant degree of danger in Trump’s delaying tactics – not only because a sitting president is openly showing his contempt for democracy, and getting a few stains on his side in the process, but because national security threats are going unchecked the longer that Trump’s employees try to placate him. Even though it’s been two weeks since the election, Trump has barely been seen in public and hasn’t even had events on his schedule, but the pandemic has gotten worse than ever and he’s not even trying to show leadership when it comes to COVID anymore.

The bipartisan National Council on Election Integrity has clearly had enough of Trump’s failure to lead, so they recently launched a $2 million ad calling on him to finally concede the election. The ad was made with the participation of over 40 former public officials, including former Cabinet secretaries and civic leaders who urged Trump to suck it up and participate with the Biden-Harris transition team. It’s a reminder that the longer Donald Trump waits, the worse things are going to get for him. He’s only doing a poorer job of pretending to be president from here on out.

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