Donald Trump’s last stand

When the U.S. Court of Appeals swiftly ruled that the National Archives must turn over incriminating evidence against Donald Trump to the January 6th Committee, it was a given that Trump would appeal to the Supreme Court. Yesterday he did precisely that. Here’s the thing.

Even this Supreme Court isn’t going to allow itself to get dragged into Donald Trump’s last stand, just as it made a point of steering clear of his baseless 2020 election claims. Trump has no claim of privilege and therefore has no case, as the appeals court has already spelled out. So the Supreme Court is either going to refuse to hear his case at all, or 2) hear the case but swiftly rule against him. Either way, this will be over within weeks.

This comes even as the January 6th Committee has pretty clearly been gearing up to hold publicly televised hearings in the new year. As we predicted back when this court battle first began, the committee will end up receiving the National Archives evidence against Donald Trump right around the time it was planning to go at Trump with its public hearings.


This is shaping up to be Donald Trump’s last stand. He seems to know it too, given how desperately he’s trying to fight this losing battle in court, even knowing that it won’t help him in any real way, or somehow magically “run out the clock.” He simply has no choice but to fight a losing battle on this, knowing he’s screwed anyway.

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