Donald Trump’s handpicked candidate Herschel Walker goes completely off the deep end


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Some Republican statements have me convinced we live in a simulation because I simply cannot believe any Republican would be stupid enough to make them.

Well – one has. Welcome to the world of Republican Herschel Walker, everybody. He is running for the Senate in Georgia. And he has the distinct honor of being a fool.

Am I too hard on the Wannabe Senator, do you think? How about we give the man a fair trial? I will outline what exactly he said. Palmer Report readers — you’re the jury. You will have to decide whether Mr. Walker deserves his well-earned title of a fool.

Here we go! Are you ready, Jurors? Let’s begin. Walker was asked a question. And that question is this: How does Walker feel about the John Lewis Voting Rights Act?

“You know what’s so sad about that — to use the name of a great man, to brand something so bad, I think it is terrible to do.”

“Senator Lewis was one of the greatest senators that have ever been, and for African Americans, that was absolutely incredible.”

“To throw his name on a bill for voting rights, I think, is a shame.”

It “just doesn’t fit what John Lewis stood for, and I think Democrats know that.”

“And I think that it’s sad for them to do this to him.”

Alright, Jury! The case is yours. Allow me my closing statement. It will be brief. WHAT is the man talking about? Was John Lewis a Senator? Did I miss something? Wasn’t voting rights his cause? Didn’t he fight passionately for voting rights? Does Walker even know what his cause WAS?

Does Mr. Walker even know who John Lewis IS?

Was he even referring to Lewis? Does he have false memory syndrome? He is celebrating one of the greatest senators ever, only that man wasn’t A Senator, so just who has imprinted themselves on the mind of Walker? Because it isn’t Lewis. How is honoring Lewis by giving him what he’s always wanted, not honoring Lewis? I have a headache.

So, I rest my case. It is now in your hands to decide if Walker is a fool. It is also in your hands to get out the vote in Georgia, so this nimrod doesn’t get himself elected to represent the people of Georgia.


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