Donald Trump’s latest delusional endgame fantasy is just plain sad

Donald Trump now reportedly thinks he’s going to become Speaker of the House and impeach President Biden. His rescue fantasies are getting more delusional and weird. Next he’ll be going back and changing everything with a time machine. He knows it’s all over for him. He’s just clinging to any fantasy that lets him pretend otherwise.

It’s also increasingly clear that Trump’s remaining handlers are just feeding him whatever ridiculous fantasy gets him through the day, just to keep him appeased. This suggests his mind is mostly gone, his connection to reality is severed, and he’s basically reduced to being the “King” of his living room.

Is this dangerous? Of course. As long as Trump keeps feeding his delusional rescue fantasies to the media, and as long as the media keeps regurgitating them as if they were realistic, the possibility remains that it’ll incite some deranged Trump fan to start invading buildings or blowing things up (January 6th already provided clear precedent for this).

But it’s important that the rest of us don’t fall for this nonsense. Donald Trump knows he’s on a glide path to financial ruin, arrest, and prison. It’s why his rescue fantasies have become more extreme, and more short-term in nature, since he learned two weeks ago that New York has empaneled a grand jury to criminally indict him. He’s running out of time and he knows it.

Our job is to keep in mind that Trump is the one who’s crashing and burning, not us. Now more than ever, defeatism is the wrong answer. It’s our job to step up our activism, fight smartly, presume we’re going to win upcoming political battles, and then win them. If Trump wants to waste his time on magic carpet ride fantasies, and the GOP wants to remain tethered to his fantasies, it just means they’re not fighting smartly, and it gives us the opportunity for an advantage.

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