Robert Mueller targets Donald Trump’s dereliction of duty

As a Military term, “Dereliction of Duty” means to not fulfill the obligation that has been assigned to you either deliberately or because you are incompetent. In regards to our Government, it means Congressmen or Senators or a President who refuse to uphold the Constitution or to protect us as defined in their Job description.

To ignore dangers that our Country is veering towards because they are compromised by forces outside and inside of the Government that are controlling them or are influencing them deliberately. We have a President who’s advisors are one by one being Indicted and or are accepting Guilty Pleas. But instead of trying to assist an FBI Independent Prosecutor, they ( Our Congress) are investigating that Council.

They are allowing Gun Lobbys to influence Legislation at the Peril of School Children, Church members, and everyday Citizens who simply want to enjoy their everyday lives.We elect members of Congress and the President to have them to run our government and somehow these rich members of Congress seem to go to D.C. and become Uber Rich, and yet our safety is not their Concern. And they think we are foolish enough to continue like this. They are taking us for fools. That is about to change in a big way.

As Bob Mueller continues to Indict members of this Crime Syndicate which will undoubtedly pervade into our Legislative branch, and possibly even our Media it will become painfully obvious as the Trials will be in the News daily from May until November, and beyond. Stay Tuned. Get your Popcorn ready. This is just the Beginning.

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