It’s high noon for the gun lobby

Its high noon for those cold dead hands of the NRA. A traumatized nation continues to be baptized by .223 caliber blood sacrifices. The party of Death for Dollars is celebrating communion at the annual CPAC gathering for the bloodthirsty and self righteous. White Male Privilege Keepers infused with Religious Fervor are given special dispensation by St Ronnie of the Shinning City on the Hill heralded by the Lee Greenwood Jesus Choir.

But, I think they know the game is about to change. White Male Privilege Keepers are about to be revoked, torn asunder and handcuffed permanently. There seems a new sheriff in town and boy is he pissed: the Kids of Parkland. The Kids of Parkland care more for life than parkerized gunmetal, bump stocks, 200 round plug and play drum magazines and policing brass to reload expended shell casings.

You can smell the unease in the Privilege Keepers, Gov Scott of Florida hiding in the bushes of shamed embarrassment after refusing to meet with the Kids of Parkland. Marco Rubio having his ass handed to him as he tries to insist all is well in 2nd amendment world. The harridans of the Privilege Keepers insist that someone else’s child’s life is the cost of their privilege to keep a weapon of mass death locked and loaded, while they fantasize in their minds eye action film about enemy paratroops invading Walmart being dispatched by Godly White Male Privilege Keepers thus preventing another “Bowling Green massacre.”

Like the pesky persistent Bible Salesmen of the 1950’s, their stated calling is from God himself and everyone better believe it. White Male Privilege Keepers are today’s Bible Salesmen, but what they sell is torn flesh, broken bones and death by semiautomatic war machines.

Christin Palmedo

Christin Palmedo is a transgendered woman and retired Navy/Coast Guard Vet living in Maine after a lifetime of hurried living.