Donald Trump just lost again ahead of E. Jean Carroll trial

The civil trial between Donald Trump and his accuser E. Jean Carroll is set to begin this month, and let’s just say that Trump has been doing everything he can to try to delay it. The thing is, it’s not working. There are a finite number of things you can do to try to delay a case, and it looks like Trump is out of them.

For instance, days ago Trump asked the judge in the Carroll case to delay the trial due to the negative publicity that Trump received as a result of his recent arrest on criminal charges. The judge laughed that one off pretty quickly.

Then the judge ruled that because of the public attacks and threats that Trump has been making against the people involved in the other cases against him, the identifies of the jurors in the Carroll trial would remain secret.

Trump then made a filing asking the judge to change his mind, and now the judge has also ruled against that. Not only is Trump losing all these filings, he’s losing them immediately. He’s not actually buying himself any time at all.

This serves as a good reminder as we look forward to Donald Trump’s various criminal trials. There are only a finite number things he can do to try to delay those trials, and once he’s used them up, the trial begins. That’s why there is every reason to expect that Trump’s criminal trials will take place well before the 2024 election.