Donald Trump Jr just got roasted

As we wait for the orange madman to get indicted, his progeny is not having an easy time of it. I am referring, of course, to way uncool Donald Trump Junior, son of an insurrectionist and a regular screaming troll on Twitter.

First, the whining Junior got a takedown by Ana Navarro, who was one of the best takedowns ever. Now, Junior is getting roasted by none other than Stephen Colbert. This all has to do with Stephanie Grisham’s new book, “I am assolinin’s accomplice, but I need money, so I wrote this book.”

No — that isn’t the title. But it SHOULD be. I do not ever plan to read this book, and Colbert is hoping others also choose to pass on the book. Because the other night, he said so as well as spoiling critical events in the book.

Giving his own title to the book (“I just recently gained a spine”), Colbert proceeded to give away juicy details of the story in the hopes that might discourage people from buying the book. And one of those details was about way uncool Junior himself.

Apparently, according to the book Junior wanted his partner in slime, Kimberly Guilfoyle, to meet Queen Elizabeth. As I have said frequently, you just can’t make this up.

“Just who you want interacting with the queen,” Colbert exclaimed. Colbert then set about imagining this meeting that never happened and WILL never occur. “Oh dear, Don Jr., you seem to have dropped your tiny baggie of sugar.” Pause. “It’s cocaine.”


Sigh. Definitely not a good time to be Junior. Will the jokes ever stop? Most likely not. In the meantime, thanks Stephen Colbert for having such a GREAT imagination and for giving us all a terrific laugh.

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