Donald Trump Jr. just got himself roped into the January 6th probe

Former Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle bragged in text messages that she raised millions of dollars to help fund the January 6th event that turned out to be a domestic terrorist attack against the U.S. Capitol, according to ProPublica. This kicks the door wide open for the January 6th Committee to subpoena her under threat of contempt charges. It’s also bad news for her boyfriend, Donald Trump Jr.

For all we know, the January 6th Committee probe was always going to target Donald Trump Jr., given his speech to the domestic terrorists before they attacked. But if it can be confirmed that Guilfoyle even so much as discussed this January 6th fundraising effort with Donald Trump Jr, then you almost certainly bet that the committee will subpoena him and demand that he testify about it.

At that point, what is Donald Trump Jr. going to do? If he testifies truthfully, he’s giving up his girlfriend and his father. If he lies to the committee, he’ll be referred to the DOJ for prosecution on that front. And if he fails to show up, he’ll be referred to the DOJ for prosecution for contempt.


Donald Trump Jr. isn’t going to worm out of this, and he knows it. It probably helps explain why he’s been falling apart so badly. This is going to get ugly for him, and stay that way. And this is before getting to the question of whether Donald Trump Jr. will be criminally indicted in New York on financial crimes, alongside his father.

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