Donald Trump is angry

I believe that laughter is essential for both healing and for feeling joy. Laughter is freeing. And so many Palmer Report readers agree with me.

This is why I was and am proud of the nicknames for Trump submitted by intelligent, creative and fun Palmer Report readers who were deliciously inventive in their nicknames.

But there are a few people who do not like this. A few have labeled both readers and myself as being no different than Maga in our name-calling.

So I am responding. I rarely do this. I do not read every comment, but I’ve read enough to see the intelligence, passion, and heartfelt earnestness of Palmer Report readers who are nothing at all like Maga.

Neither am I. The Trump nicknames are meant to provide laughter — a momentary relief from political darkness. I am deliberately snarky in my humor, and it would seem a few do not like that.

I have sage advice for those few — simply move on — because I do not plan on stopping, and in this article, I am about to do it again. And thank you, readers, for the never-ending and hilarious nickname suggestions, some of which will be featured in this article.

So, there is news about Putin’s poodle, and of course, it involves litigation.

Mara-Lardass is threatening once again to sue someone.

The recipient of Dump Truck’s anger is the Pulitzer Prize Board.

Bully-two shoes wants them to rescind their awards to both the Washington Post and The New York Times. And he has sent out a letter saying so.

The wanna-be winner is demanding action on this — now! Otherwise, he will reportedly sue.

“It is hereby demanded that the Pulitzer Prize Board take immediate steps to strip the New York Times and The Washington Post of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting,” the letter ranted.

One has to chuckle. What is REALLY ailing the chief administrator of insurrections, I believe, is jealousy. This is what ALWAYS ails President Chicken-head because he has never achieved one thing, and he cannot stand anyone who has.


Expect this threat to go nowhere. In the meantime, The Cheese that stands alone reminds right where he is — alone.

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