Rupert Murdoch has a problem

Rupert Murdoch, wizard of misinformation, creator of fake news, and head of Fox hate television, has a message for Donald Trump. Just move on.

Murdoch, whom many terrible tales have been told about, is not someone who could be described as Trump-unfriendly. In fact, I’d say quite the contrary. Murdoch helped elect Trump — along with a bit of help from his fellow Pundit friends.

But it would appear even he knows Trump is toast because Murdoch has publicly rebuked the insurrectionist. He wants Trump to get over his loser status in 2020 and look toward the future.

I would like that as well — because his future includes, most likely prison and an orange jumpsuit. I doubt this is what Murdoch meant, but it is easy to see why he is saying this.

Murdoch is most likely worried. He probably sees the writing on the wall where Trump is concerned. He is worried for the future of the GOP — as well he should be because they’re a cult and are disintegrating right in front of us all.


Only he should know better than this. When in the world has Trump ever listened to other people — especially about “moving on?”

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