Donald Trump can’t pay his bills

Since it became clear that he was no longer going to be President, and in particular since he incited a deadly insurrection, Donald Trump has taken one financial blow after another. Some of his few remaining banks have dropped him. He’s tried and failed to sell off properties. It’s clear he’s in a financial downward spiral. But just how broke is he?

It looks like Trump is now in a place where he can’t even pay off a mere half a million dollar debt. Sure, that’s a lot of money to most people. But for a self proclaimed billionaire, that should be no problem right? Yet now that Trump is hitting the road to try to reignite some kind of political relevance for himself, he’s in trouble with a Texas judge because he still owes $560,000 to the city of El Paso for a rally he held there awhile back.

Trump has never been one to pay his bills, even back in the old days when he was in a better cashflow situation. But at this point the city of El Paso is bringing legal action against him, and a judge is cracking down on him, so now would be the time to pay off this one debt in order to make it go away. Yet Trump can’t seem to afford to do that, can he? Just how short on cash is he?

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