Somebody’s coming after Jim Jordan

Congressman Gym Jordan (screamer-insurrection party-Ohio) is definitely at the top of the list of terrible representatives. Jordan does not seem to believe in doing his job. Most of the man’s time is spent screaming at whatever imagined enemy he has conjured up for the week. He is loathed by many, and his being ousted from Congress would, I suspect, send ripples of joy through many people.

So, meet Jordan’s challenger! That’s right. Jordan is being challenged. And his challenger is something else again. Jeffrey Sites is his name. Sites is challenging Jordan for his seat in Ohio’s 4th congressional district.

Sites describes himself as a “regular working guy.” And he is. He has worked for many years as a warehouse manager. He has, in his own words, experienced financial hardships and worry about bills being due. He knows what it is like to struggle.

Sites is from Lima, Ohio. And it was the January sixth insurrection that caused him to decide to run. Sites is also a former member of the Army. Sites has an incredible back story and is a compelling candidate.

“I’ve been laid off,” says Sites. “I’ve struggled to find a job I could provide for my family with … I’ve been hurt and couldn’t see a doctor.”

And Sites is not holding back. In a campaign video, he labeled Jordan a traitor-which he is. In fact, when this video was released this week, it caused #FireJimJordan to trend on Twitter.

It will be hard work. This is a VERY tough district that has also been gerrymandered. But he is off to a great start and could not be a better candidate to send the eternal screamer known as Jordan packing. Welcome to the race Jeffrey Sites.

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