DOJ makes major ruling against Donald Trump on his tax returns

New York prosecutors already have Donald Trump’s tax returns as part of the criminal case they’re building against him and the Trump Organization. But those tax returns still haven’t become public, because Congress’ ongoing attempts at acquiring them never did work out – until now.

The Department of Justice determined today that the Treasury Department should give Trump’s tax returns to Congress. There is every reason to expect that the Treasury will comply. This means that the House Ways and Means Committee is about to have the tax returns, and will surely hold public hearings exposing the most corrupt and criminal aspects of the returns – particularly the parts that show Trump’s personal finances overlapping with his political moves while in office.


The precise timeframe for the returns being handed over, and the resulting hearings, isn’t immediately clear. But we now know that it will almost certainly happen. So the public is about to find out what New York prosecutors already know: what dark and dirty secrets Donald Trump has been hiding in his tax returns all along.

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