Donald Trump gets caught in the act

Just when one thinks the former guy cannot go any lower, it appears that he can. The latest news is that reportedly the sputtering and wretched beast of a “man” was secretly urging the Department of Justice to come out and say publicly the 2020 election was “corrupt” – according to handwritten notes made public from a DOJ official.

When top officials at the DOJ told the pathetic roly poly piece of human garbage that said election WAS NOT corrupt, he went ballistic. “Just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen,” the beast whined. He was speaking with Former acting AG Jeff Rosen at the time.

“You guys may not be following the internet the way I do,” he continued.

None of this should be a surprise. The former guy is the worst President in the history of the country and one of the worst human beings ever to walk the planet Earth.

What is notable is that the DOJ pushed back–apparently, there are certain lines even they wouldn’t cross.

This type of story makes me angry. I am sure it makes you angry. So I include in this article a bit of a message to the crazed insurrectionist.

To the former guy: You have a disease of the brain. You are rotten to the core. You were a lousy President, which pretty much everybody knows except your dewy-eyed cult members who would most likely die for you.

The January Sixth commission will thoroughly investigate this new information. You will probably be called to testify. At some point, you will be indicted and be carted off to prison, where you will have to eat disgusting food, wear a neon-orange jumpsuit and have a visitor’s list, which I suspect will be pretty small.

You need to reflect on your sins and ask forgiveness which will never happen because you have no human insight into yourself at all. You have killed thousands. You are lonely and bitter and have only yourself to blame.

We all look forward to the day, the cell doors snap closed behind you. Now we leave you in hiding with your dwindling amount of sycophants. Have a terrible day.

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