Ted Cruz just stepped in it

I wrote an article a few days ago about empathy. And that was just one article, but the conversation about compassion and its disappearance among many Americans will go on, and I am not going to drop the subject either.

It is not just empathy among the general population that has taken a nosedive. It is also empathy among our leaders. One of these “leaders,” not that he really IS a leader, is Ted Cruz.

Cruz is indicative of a more significant problem in politics, and that problem concerns the old and outdated way many politicians look at the world. Many are so out of step with their constituents. They do not even have a basic understanding of the issues and problems many face daily.

So, now let’s talk about Cruz. With federal unemployment benefits expiring in many places, people are rightfully upset. So, in the spirit of cruelty, Cruz decided to tweet a response to these suffering people. That was the following: “Um, get a job?”

Sigh. I think we all know what Cruz is. I specifically say “what” and not “who” because the man is a vile piece of garbage who doesn’t deserve a “who.” He cares about nothing and nobody.

Well — perhaps he cares about the former guy. That’s about it. But this ignorant and uneducated comment shows how out of touch the GOP is from the voters. Does Cruz believe people have not suffered during the pandemic? Does he think people have not seen their jobs up and disappear?


This country needs empathetic leaders. I believe many know this, and that is why Biden won the election. So many people are sick of cruelty and mocking dregs of humanity like Cruz. If we have one thing in Biden, it is a kind man who knows suffering and pain like few others.

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