Donald Trump’s desperation knows no bounds

As we count down the days until we reach the incredibly sad point of 100,000 American deaths due to COVID-19, it’s important to remember that Donald Trump and his administration have not only done little to prevent this but has continually worked, for whatever reason, to prevent the ability to limit the death toll. We’re all aware of Trump’s initial refusal to accept the facts from the scientific community that alerted us to the coming pandemic. Instead of accepting the facts and working to ensure America was ready to face the disease, Trump repeatedly spewed lies and propaganda because, as he has claimed, he’s simply a cheerleader instead of an actual, you know, LEADER.

On February 26th, despite all evidence saying otherwise, Trump publicly stated “You have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero.” Sadly, and predictably, that was not the case and we recently hit 1,500,000 confirmed cases in America. That’s right, less than 3 months ago, Trump said we’d soon get close to zero, but instead we have nearly 100,000 times the original 15 number. And while that’s simply math, which is a subset of science, I’m confident Trump would find a way to dispute it, regardless of how dumb it played out.

The facts are clear: this is not “just the flu” and it will not “magically go away.” And yet, despite all the facts, science, and Trump tweets, we’re currently stuck in a situation in which numbers do not seem to matter to an administration willing to allow more Americans to die if it even slightly moves the needle on his reelection campaign.


This is only more evident in Trump’s recent tweets threatening to withhold funding to states who are putting the safety of their citizens in consideration and offering absentee ballots, which is, despite Trump’s ignorant tweets, completely legal and very smart considering the current COVID-19 outbreaks occurring thanks to Trump pushing to open up the country too early. It is all too clear: Trump is desperate and he sees his internal polls showing a massive landslide for Joe Biden. Let’s all stay vigilant and safe so we can all ensure those polls remain accurate.

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