Michigan AG rips Donald Trump to pieces over mask scandal

Donald Trump is deranged enough that he’s now murdered 95,000 Americans by pretending the coronavirus was a hoax and then purposely blocking access to life saving medical supplies and testing. So it’s not surprising that this serial killer is willing to put people’s lives at further risk by refusing to wear a mask in public.

Fortunately, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is having none of it. She went on CNN this morning and said this about Donald Trump’s visit to a Ford plant: “If he fails to wear a mask, he’s going to be asked not to return to any enclosed facility inside our state.”

Of course Trump refused to wear a mask during the portion of his Ford visit where the media could see him, and he bragged that he wasn’t willing to give the media the “pleasure” of seeing him with a mask on. This means Trump is officially no longer allowed in any Michigan facility for the rest of the pandemic.

Will Trump try to visit Michigan buildings going forward? Of course. He’s a career criminal and psychotic mass murderer, so why would he start listening to a state Attorney General? But he’s created an ugly scandal for himself, which will follow him throughout the election cycle, and continue to turn off voters in the middle. No wonder Trump’s numbers keep going down.

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