Courts get involved as everything unravels for the Cyber Ninjas

This past week the Arizona election “audit” reached a new low when the Cyber Ninjas announced they were delaying the submission of their final report because they’d all come down with COVID. Given that their months-long “audit” has been a scandalous debacle and has uncovered zero evidence that the 2020 election was stolen, that wasn’t a surprise. But now things are getting even uglier for the Cyber Ninjas.

With this audit debacle shaping up to be a criminal scandal for the Cyber Ninjas and perhaps for the Arizona state-level Republican politicians who have been in bed with them on it, they’re all naturally trying to bury the paper trail of how things got to this point.


But now a judge in Arizona is ordering the Cyber Ninjas to preserve all documents related to the audit, because they may need to be turned over in a civil case filed by the Arizona Republic newspaper. This puts the Cyber Ninjas in a no-win position. If they preserve and turn over the documents, they may incriminate themselves. But if they destroy the documents at this point, they’re looking at criminal trouble with the judge. This is only going to get uglier for them.

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