Donald Trump campaign reportedly leaves supporters stranded in the cold after Omaha rally, several hospitalized

New polling suggests that Donald Trump’s recent campaign rallies, which involve few masks and no social distancing, are actually driving his poll numbers down. That reaction may be about to get even more negative, based on what’s reportedly playing out after Trump’s Omaha rally tonight.

According to the Twitter account monitoring the Omaha police scanner, the Trump campaign bused thousands of people from the airport to the rally, but didn’t make any arrangement to have them bused back. As a result some of them have been standing out in the freezing weather or trying to make the nearly four mile trek back to the airport in the dark. At last count thirty of them were in bad enough shape to need some form of medical attention, and seven of them have been taken to the hospital.

This tweet from the Omaha scanner sums up the chaos that the Trump campaign’s negligence has created: “Waterloo Medic 811 enroute to Lil’ Creighton Code 2 with a 68 y/o male who’s initial complaint was possible hypothermia and altered mental status … Officers picking up people wandering in the cold unable to locate their vehicles and are taking them to various parking lots.”


So the Trump campaign bused people from the airport to his Omaha rally but never bused them back, literally left them out in the cold, and now some of them are in the hospital. Keep in mind this is happening in a pandemic. Trump is literally killing his own supporters.

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