Donald Trump’s Omaha nightmare

If you really want to know how a presidential campaign is going in the final days, look at where the candidates are visiting. Joe Biden campaigned in the traditionally red state of Georgia on Tuesday, a reminder of just how many states are currently in play for him. Donald Trump, on the other hand, campaigned in Nebraska. Even before it turned into a hypothermia calamity, this was already a nightmare for him.

It’s not that Trump is going to lose Nebraska in full. It’s a deep red state; that’s not happening. It’s that Nebraska splits its electoral votes by district, and Biden is ahead in one of those districts. In fact the polls suggest that Trump has very little chance of winning that district. Yet if Trump loses that particular electoral vote, his mathematical path to winning the electoral college significantly narrows.


So here’s Donald Trump wasting time in Nebraska of all places, chasing a single electoral vote that he probably can’t win anyway, with just a week to go in the election, because Trump is in just that bad of a position. He’s playing defense. This is a nightmare scenario for him. Now is the time for us to play offense by working to achieve the highest voter turnout possible, and finish Trump off once and for all.

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