Turns out Donald Trump’s rallies are backfiring on him

Donald Trump keeps negligently holding campaign rallies with few masks and no social distancing. This not only puts attendees at risk; it puts the surrounding communities at risk. Trump gets off on this stuff, but is it actually helping him? It turns out it’s hurting him.

Priorities USA collected data on how Donald Trump’s unsafe rallies are influencing public opinion of him in battleground states. Turns out it’s making Trump less popular, not more popular:

This is the latest reminder that Donald Trump doesn’t have some secret evil genius strategy. He’s just flailing around, feeding his own narcissism with these rallies, and trying to convince himself that it’ll all somehow magically work out just fine for him.


Meanwhile, here’s our chance to focus on voter turnout this week and make sure Trump loses by a mile, so any last minute election antics won’t be enough to make a difference in the outcome.

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