Here’s how you know Donald Trump is toast

Just how bad of shape is Donald Trump’s presidency in right now? After Bill Taylor’s devastating impeachment testimony today, even Mitch McConnell is trying to cut his losses by throwing Trump under the bus and then repeatedly backing it up over him. So what are Trumps remaining loyalists in the White House doing to try to save him?

To compare Donald Trump to a two year old is unfair, because the two year old is merely immature, and not a racist traitor. But Trump’s White House is definitely coddling him like he’s a two year old. In response to the increasingly ugly headlines about Trump in the New York Times and Washington Post, the White House is now canceling its subscription to these two newspapers. No, really.

The White House Press Secretary has announced that it’s canceling its newspaper subscriptions, according to a surreal new report from the Daily Beast. This of course won’t hurt Trump one bit. But it might help soothe the baby Trump’s hurt feelings. Worse, this isn’t even original.

The West Wing had a scene in which President Bartlet canceled his subscription to a certain newspaper, in protest of that newspaper’s coverage of him. The difference is that Bartlet was a good president, who was prone to being occasionally snitty. In contrast, Donald Trump is an awful president who routinely displays the immaturity of an infant. If this is all Trump’s people have left, they’ve got no way of stopping his downfall.

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