Mitch McConnell throws Donald Trump under the bus, then backs over him five or six times

Earlier this evening, after the State Department’s Bill Taylor gave impeachment testimony that obliterated what little was left of the viability of Donald Trump’s presidency, Mitch McConnell took the hint and began distancing himself from Trump accordingly. Now it turns out McConnell is making a point of kicking Trump while he’s down.

When the news broke earlier this evening that Mitch McConnell planned to introduce a Senate resolution condemning Donald Trump’s Syria pullout, some folks were skeptical as to whether he would actually go through with it. But you can always trust McConnell to do whatever he thinks is best for himself, and sure enough, CNN says that McConnell has indeed introduced the resolution. This comes even as McConnell is finally shooting down Trump’s longtime claim that McConnell told him that his Ukraine phone call was perfect. In fact McConnell says he’s never even discussed the matter with Trump. That’s just cold.

By introducing this resolution, Mitch McConnell is encouraging his Senate Republicans to vote in favor of condemning Donald Trump. Why? Simple. If Trump is going down, McConnell and the GOP Senate will want to try to get out ahead of his downfall, so they can point back later and claim that they tried to rein him in. This kind of move also just happens to send a signal to the American public that Trump should indeed be ousted, which will drive pro-impeachment poll numbers even higher, which in turn will increase the odds of Trump being ousted.

But hey, Mitch McConnell and these GOP Senators have to run for reelection themselves, and – perhaps with the exception of a few Trump sycophants like Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul – they’re not willing to throw their own lucrative careers away to try to save Donald Trump on his way down. McConnell isn’t just throwing Trump under the bus, he’s now driving the bus.

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