Donald Trump’s biggest failure of all

Donald Trump ended up with more impeachments than terms in office. That shouldn’t even be possible. At this point Trump is the knight in Monty Python who just doesn’t know when to quit and accept that he’s lost.

– One of Trump’s big failures is that he never could get his base to turn out and vote for other Republicans. He couldn’t drive turnout in the midterms, special elections, or runoff elections. Only a relative handful of his handpicked candidates made it into office. And now we’re left to wonder how many of them might end up expelled (or in prison) for their roles in the U.S. Capitol attack.

– You’ll never guess what Trump just tweeted. No seriously, you’ll never guess, because Trump didn’t tweet anything, because he can’t, because he got kicked off Twitter. Considering what’s played out since his ban, the decision to boot him is looking better by the day.

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