Chuck Todd crashes and burns

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The mainstream media is getting a number of things wrong right now. For instance, Donald Trump isn’t looking at some kind of 2024 magic carpet ride, he’s looking at criminal charges and prison. But the media has done a good job of making clear that Trump has lost, and that he isn’t going to just magically remain in office come January. Then there’s Chuck Todd.

This morning Chuck Todd, who isn’t fit to host The Gong Show let alone Meet The Press, said this: “It looks like Biden is going to be the apparent winner. There’s still more to go through.” No really, he said this. This is some Fox News level nonsense.

It’s the latest reminder that while too many TV pundits treat politics as if both sides were the same, Chuck Todd openly roots for both-sidesism. He has way too much fun trying to invent ways to knock one side when the other side is doing poorly, which he appears to think it what “unbiased” means. He’s almost uniquely bad at this, and in his current position he does real harm. It’s one thing to be at 1pm weekdays on MSNBC, when no one cares. It’s another thing to hold the reins of something as powerful as Meet The Press. Every one of you reading this would do a better job of hosting it, if only because you wouldn’t try to do it wrong.

The only reason Chuck Todd is still on the air is that so many of you hate-watch him. These decisions are always made based on ratings. You want to get him fired? STOP WATCHING HIM.

Dear Palmer Report readers: contribute $25 and we can win it all: Donate now!