Joe Biden confirms he won’t pardon Donald Trump under any circumstances

Joe Biden has repeatedly said that he would not interfere in any prosecution of Trump, and that he would not pardon Trump under any circumstances. Any narrative to the contrary is pure fiction. Yet the mainstream media keeps pushing it as clickbait. This is a shame, because it baselessly undermines Biden. It’s a reminder of how deeply tied the mainstream media is to trying to get page views and ratings.

President elect Biden’s new White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain reiterated this stance on ABC This Week this morning: “Joe Biden is not going to tell the justice department who to investigate or who not to investigate.” It couldn’t be any more clear that whatever Biden’s personal feelings may be about prosecuting Trump, Trump’s kids, or Trump’s cabinet, Biden will play no role in it.


Besides, with Donald Trump likely to try to pardon himself on federal charges on his way out the door, it could take several months for the courts to go through the process of invalidating that pardon. So it’ll be New York State that gets first crack at criminally charging Trump. Biden couldn’t interfere with a state prosecution even if he tried. So this is just a non-issue all around.

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