Chuck Todd bottoms out in stupendously idiotic fashion

Now that President Biden and the Democrats have delivered on their promise to bring America’s infrastructure into the 21st century, Chuck Todd has used his MSNBC show to declare that Biden and the Democrats are dead on arrival in the midterms. His reasoning? None. He just makes this stuff up.

Chuck Todd has zero interest in informing the public or being honest about anything, he just makes up whatever false narrative he thinks will create the most phony drama and tension. He’s everything that’s wrong with the media. Chuck Todd is a joke – and not the funny kind.

A monkey with a dartboard would have more accurate political takes than Chuck Todd, because the monkey would sometimes get it right by accident, whereas Chuck Todd purposely gets it wrong every time in the hope of stirring up controversy and ratings.

Notably, Chuck Todd’s weekday ratings are actually pretty poor. It’s why he got demoted from the 5pm time slot to the 1pm time slot awhile back. But his brand of borderline fake news seems to do well in the ratings when he hosts Meet The Press on Sunday mornings, to the point that other networks have since steered their Sunday morning shows to be the same kind of “both sides / phony controversy” garbage that Todd has pioneered.


MSNBC undoubtedly keeps Chuck Todd around because he earns his paycheck by delivering ratings on Sundays, and then they get the weekday 1pm MSNBC time slot hosted at no extra cost. But the networks fails to take into account just how much of a black eye Todd gives its overall reputation. And if those of you reading this were to lead a successful campaign to get people to stop watching Todd on Sundays, it would likely be the end of his tenure.

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