Donald Trump’s disastrous Mike Lindell meltdown is one for the ages

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This article is about two insane objects of scorn that very possibly could be called humans, although I am not so sure that they are. I refer to assolini and Mike Lindell. Before I get into the weeds on what was said between Mr. Simple Brains and Lindell, I want to thank Palmer Report readers again for their creativity in nicknames for the orange bat. Many of you have submitted new ones, and I will be using some in this article.

So, per The Daily Beast, there was a conversation between Lindell and Darth tax evader. This conversation is set to air on Thanksgiving on Right Side Broadcasting Network, a network that almost nobody actually watches.

The mental midget reportedly thanks Lindell for his (batshit crazy) support. Prima Donald also agrees with a unique and insane idea of Mr. Pillow.’s.

That idea is to melt down voting machines and “use them into prison bars,” says Lindell.

Question: Can they be Impotes 45’s prison bars? Pretty please?

Agent Orange was reportedly quite enthusiastic about Lindell’s suggestion saying, this was “a very good idea.”

Donald TRAMP also reportedly whined about the amount of money he lost while in the White House, saying it was in the “billions.”

Lindell was effusive in his praise for the junkyard frog, saying Covidiot “have the people’s back.” I say the dark messiah has their money, but I suppose that’s not really here nor there. Benedict Orange also claimed he was willing to suffer a catastrophic financial loss to help the American people.

I say the fascist man on two heels (I love that one) never helped anyone in his life, and the only way he helped us is by losing the 2020 Presidential election to Joe Biden. So, the conversation between Lindell and the Kremlin-kissed idiot will be coming to a television screen near you quite soon. This is one conversation I do not plan to watch.

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