Why Beto has a real chance

Sales can be a valuable tool in politics. And it is one that we will need to utilize in the months to come. The art of sales is not that complicated. As someone explained to me many years ago, it is simply a matter of finding an individual’s sweet spot — everybody has a sweet spot. Then, when one finds it, one can appeal to that spot.

A good example is a car sale. Suppose an individual’s sweet spot is comfort. This person is seeking the car that offers the most smooth and comfortable ride. Someone else might be more concerned with color. They may covet a white car — or a blue or a red — no matter. It is the job of the car salesperson to find that sweet spot and play to it.

And this is precisely what we must do in politics. Beto O’Rourke is running for Governor. Many doubt his ability to win. I don’t. Texas is falling apart. And it will be the job of Beto and his campaign team to find the sweet spots of Texan voters.

Many are worried about the Texas abortion law. These voters might be primarily made up of women. Other folks are concerned about the Texas Grids. They might be angry at Governor Abbott, who has done nothing to fix them. Some are concerned about voter suppression.

Everybody has a sweet spot. And in a vast state like Texas, second in size only to Alaska, there are scores of potential Democratic voters. They exist in the sprawling cities of Texas. They live in small towns and quiet suburbs.


To win, they must be inspired. Beto’s campaign must become a force of nature — a movement that flows endlessly and cannot be stopped. He has the tools. He has the personality. He has all the political gifts. So, let us make this election a priority. Let’s unite and save Texas from the hateful rule in which she is currently under. And let’s lead Texas to victory in 2022.

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