Busted: Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani caught coordinating their efforts during U.S. Capitol terrorist attack

When the news first broke that Rudy Giuliani tried to call new Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville to ask him to overthrow the election results, but mistakenly left a voicemail for a different Senator instead, it was largely written off as just Rudy being Rudy. Of course his half-functioning brain called the wrong person while trying to carry out a crime.

But now CNN is reporting that Donald Trump also tried calling Tuberville during the U.S. Capitol attack, and also mistakenly called the same other Senator instead. That is certainly not a coincidence.

The fact that Trump and Giuliani both tried to call the same senator during the capitol attack, but each called the same wrong number, is proof that Trump and Giuliani were conspiring together during the attack. One of them gave the other the wrong phone number to call, or the same person gave them each the wrong number.

When it comes to prosecuting people for something like inciting violence, proving coordination is key to proving conspiracy. Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani were coordinating with each other during the attack, or they were each conspiring with the same third party. It’s already becoming clear that Trump tried making these demands of the Senate while he was refusing to sign off on sending in the National Guard, meaning he was holding them hostage and blackmailing them. Now it turns out Trump and Giuliani were coordinating this effort.

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